Decision Tools

Decision tools and calculators have been developed to assist decision-making for crop producers. Some of these spreadsheets may contain macros that will need to be enabled to function correctly. Click on the link to download and save the spreadsheet.

Business Management

Ag Site Assessment Tool | How-to Video
The Ag Site Assessment Tool (AgSite) generates a report that describes the physical, cultural and environmental characteristics of a selected land parcel and its surroundings. The goal of the AgSite report is to expand the users awareness of the physical characteristics of a selected site and its environmental and cultural surroundings.

Replant Decision Aid | Guide
This worksheet is designed to help farmers think objectively through the process of analyzing corn or soybean replant decisions and the decision to plant corn or soybean into existing wheat.

Leasing Farm Equipment | Guide
This worksheet can be used to help decide whether to buy or lease a piece of equipment and determine how many hours to choose for a lease.

Delayed Planting and Replanting Insurance
This evaluation tool is meant to be used by farmers who have purchased crop insurance and have early season production problems such as flooding, poor germination or prevented planting. It is designed to be used for corn and soybean crops.

RP and RP-HPE Spreadsheet
This worksheet is used to determine corn, soybean, wheat, cotton and rice RP and RP-HPE crop insurance options.

Crop & Fertility Management

Manure Value | Guide
The Value of Manure Estimator was developed to assist producers in estimating the value of manure from livestock enterprises. It provides an estimate of the value of manure applied to cropland.

Fieldwork Days Estimator | Guide
This tool evaluates the probability of completing or not completing fieldwork activities within a given time period. It now includes Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

Grain Bin & Storage Cost
This spreadsheet shows the variable and fixed costs of storing grain based on different sized grain bins.

Economic Returns to Grain Drying
This spreadsheet is designed to help a farmer determine the economic returns to grain drying from different moisture levels.

Grain Shrinkage and Moisture Calculations
This spreadsheet tool has a grain moisture shrinkage table, does calculations of wet bushels to dry bushels, calculations of grain moisture discounts and net returns to drying with LP gas.

Corn Maturity Calculator
The Corn Maturity Calculator estimates the date a corn crop with silk and reach full maturity.

Irrigation & Water Use

Irrigation Investment and Costs
Calculates the economic and cash flow costs of different center pivot and furrow irrigation systems. It also calculates the contributions of the tenant and landowner in determining a fair rental agreement.

Pumping Costs-Fuel Comparisons
The spreadsheet compares the pumping cost of using different fuels in irrigation systems.

Crop Water Use Calculator
This online tool uses weather information to calculate how much water is used for irrigation systems during a growing season.

Woodruff Irrigation Charts
A Woodruff Irrigation Chart is a method that uses historic weather data and modern crop coefficients to develop a chart that helps a producer determine when to irrigate.


Cover Crop Budget Tool
This tool can be used to create a cost-return budget for cover crops.

Partial Budget Template
This tool can be used to determine the total change in benefits and costs associated with a proposed change in operation.